About Voltrans Transmen Initiative

Voltrans was founded in 2007 by three transmen who were voluntarily and actively involved in both feminist and lgbt movements. In our casual conversations, we, the founders of Voltrans, found out that we had many problems in common such as being invisible in the society including the lgbt commuity, facing transfobia and violence, and not being accepted as transmen (transgender or transsexual). Having decided to work on these issues, we spread the word and became a group with 15-20 members, 6-8 of whom are working voluntarily as activists.

As Voltrans, we participated in Anti-Homofobia Gatherings organized by Kaos Gl and Pride Week organized by Lambdaistanbul several times with our various performances presenting the problems we are facing. With Lambdaistanbul, we organized “trans issues conversations” to create an awareness in lgbt community. Lately, we organized a demonstration in street with TransBlok as partners to create awareness about hospitalization of trans identities (stop trans pathologization 2012 campaign).

In close future, we are planning to make films, shows, seminars and conversation meetings, continue to take part in gatherings and work hand-in-hand with other lgbt organizations around the world to be the voice for the rights of transmen in Turkey.

for further contact please email to this address :  contact@voltrans.net